The good people at Midwestern Gothic have posted a short interview with me. The occasion for this interview is my new short story “Beauty Engine,” which appears in Midwestern Gothic #1. You can buy it here, along with the rest of MG #1, in e-book or paper.
  • The Hint Fiction anthology continues to get attention, including these cool student designed book covers for stories from the anthology. There’s one in there for my story, “Knock Knock Joke.”

Here's a random monkey picture, because monkeys are funny.

  • Back in December, I did an introduction for an reading/interview featuring the matchless Cortright McMeel and his excellent first novel, Short. The whole event is available as a podcast. Check it out.
  • My novel The Reconstructionist was published in the UK last year, but meanwhile I’ve been working with the US editor at Harper Perennial on a series of extensive revisions. I’m happy to say we’ve wrapped those up now, and the book is headed toward copyediting, cover design, and publication. It will be in Harper Perennial’s winter catalog, which means publication sometime in the Jan-Apr timeframe of 2012. Compared with the UK version, the US edition will be heavily revised and expanded, about 100 pages longer altogether. I’m very excited about the changes, and looking forward to getting it out into readers’ hands.