I have a new short story in the new issue of Noir Nation. It’s a very short, dialog-heavy piece of fiction set in the Denver International Airport and inspired, loosely, by some thoughts about architecture and the DIA conspiracy theories.

The story, titled “Architecture Is a Mind Control Device,” begins like this:

“What do you see?” he asked.

“I…” She trailed off. “Well… It’s an airport, obviously… The main terminal, I guess, looks like a bunch of posts with a big sheet dropped over. So it’s got all these white peaks pointing up. Maybe it’s supposed to look like the mountains. But it’s more like a lot of sailing ships bunched together… Or a meringue… The fabric stretches out from the sides. Like wings. To get to Departures we’re going to be making a big turn… Then up a ramp under one wing.”

“What else is around here?”

“It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Some parking lots. A big blue horse sculpture.  Solar panels… Miscellaneous buildings.”

“Low, small stuff. This thing is out here all by itself, and they’ve made it monumental, like a cathedral in a medieval city.”

“Way off in the distance there’s the mountains. They go in a line as far as you can see north and south.”

“A cathedral. The embodiment of the power and the glory. It’s supposed to impress the hell out of you and make you feel your smallness, to make you modest and compliant as you enter into its grip.”

“I… I don’t know about that.”

Read the rest in Noir Nation #2. (Available at AmazonB&N, or Kobo. E-book only.)